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Using the very latest in on-demand printing technology, we can transform your work from a wordprocessor document into a hardback book with full-colour dustjacket within a fortnight.

You have already done the hard part - creating your work, researching, revising, rewriting and polishing.  Now, quite rightly, you would like to publish it.

Finding a publisher who is willing to bring your hard work to fruition can be a very frustrating experience.  They usually want to guarantee minimum sales levels and often offer pretty restrictive terms and conditions.

Hodgson Press operates in a very different way.  You stay in control throughout the whole publishing process.  If you are a technical wizard and can produce your document in an acceptable form then we can work with you to bring it to press in as little as two weeks.  If you would prefer it, you can proofread your work and leave the technical bits to us or, if you would like us to proof your work as well, we can do that too.

This really isn't rocket science and a little discipline from the start is a great help in bringing your work to press as quickly as possible.

Most people don't know how to use 90% of the features of their wordprocessor and, as a consequence, produce documents that are fine as a one-off letter or a short print-run but really don't come up to scratch for professional publishing.  We can either help you to improve your technique and exploit the power of your wordprocessor to generate a well-formed document or we can do it for you.

Once a document is formatted using sections and styles, we can enhance it with illustrations, page numbering and decoration, footnotes, cross-references, a table of contents, an index and bibliography. From then on it is more-or-less plain sailing.

Easier said than done is thorough proofreading - this can't be stressed enough.

While all of this is going on we allocate an ISBN to the publication and start the process of letting the wholesale trade know about the forthcoming publication.  We have direct access to the Nielsen Bookdata database which stores all of the bibliographical information about the publication as well as an image of the cover.  This information is used by conventional wholesalers and retailers as well as online outlets such as Amazon to market your publication.

The final document is turned into a PDF file which conforms to the formatting requirements of our printers.  Cover artwork is prepared, again to an exact specification.

The files are transmitted to our printers via the internet and it usually takes about a week to verify that the files conform to their stringent standards and they can then generate a proof copy which is sent via courier to us.

Once the proof has been approved the publication is available for on-demand printing and can be ordered in any quantities for direct delivery in this country or the USA.   For delivery to other countries we would ship via a forwarding service.

The Bookdata information is updated to reflect the fact that the publication is now 'In Print'.  We would usually then send out inspection copies to wholesalers as well as placing the publication for review in the relevant press.

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