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David Holohan.

David Holohan read French and Russian at Queen Mary College, University of London, He has taught Russian in schools and at the University of Surrey, where he was head of Russian and winner of the Surrey University Teaching Prize.

During one of his many visits to Russia, where he studied at Moscow State University and other universities and institutions in Russia under the auspices of the British Council, he first came across the writings of Boris Mozhaev in a foreign currency shop, the old ĎBer?zkaí chain of the Soviet regime.

David was so taken by the quality and sincerity of Mozhaevís writing that his passion for the works of this author, virtually unknown in the West, led to further research and ultimately his being awarded a PhD at the University of Bath on his writing.

Meeting Boris and talking to him at length served to enhance his enthusiasm for his writing, and his interest in him continues unabated, to this day.†

He has written on Mozhaev and other contemporary Russian writers, and he is currently preparing the first comprehensive study of Mozhaevís life and career.† He is also translating more of Mozhaevís works including a further collection of short stories, a trilogy of detective stories and Mozhaevís epic novel Peasant Folk.

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